Berber Carpet BallantyneCarpet is an incredibly versatile flooring material. It covers your office floor, lines movie theatre hallways, and is the first thing your feet meet upon getting out of bed. However, the countless different types and styles of carpet make it easy to forget just how universal it really is.

As the best carpet company, we have no shortage of carpet pile and fiber types to choose from, but we’ve found that local homeowners love berber carpet for its durability and style. Below are the berber basics you’ll want to consider when choosing the right style for your carpet installation in Charlotte NC.

What is Berber?

The name for berber carpet is derived from the flecked styled weaving done by the Berber tribes of North Africa. The flecked “berber” pattern in their weaving was often associated with the looped-fiber carpet that they made, eventually leading this term to refer to a looped carpet instead of a flecked pattern. Our carpet company refers to berber carpet as one that is made of upright, dense loops of fiber.


Our carpet installation Charlotte NC team suggest berber, because it is one of the more durable styles of carpet. Since the fibers are looped instead of cut, they are more resistant to crushing and flattening over time. Overall, the durability of your berber carpet will depend on its quality and the type of fiber used. Looped fibers have the potential to snag, but this is unlikely to happen provided you don’t drag heavy furniture across your carpet.

Spill Resistance

Spill and stain resistance are important factors when choosing a carpet, especially for families with kids and pets. Thankfully, berber is among the best types of carpet for resisting spills. The looped fibers delay liquid from soaking into the carpet, as spills tend to sit on top of the loops. This gives you time to blot up the spill before it goes deeper into the carpet. The stain resistance of your carpet will simply depend on if it has been treated with stain protectant prior to your carpet installation in Charlotte NC.


Comfort isn’t berber’s claim to fame, but our carpet installation Charlotte NC team says it isn’t something that this carpet fails to provide, either. Cut pile carpets, like the kind that are commonly used in bedrooms, are known for being cushiony and warm. Berber loops will still provide cushion and insulation – just not to the degree that a cut pile carpet may.


You can get a durable and aesthetically pleasing floor for a bargain price with berber carpet. Berber carpet cuts costs because it requires fewer manufacturing steps – the fibers don’t need to be cut, after all! Berber carpet is also commonly made with olefin, a material that is cheaper than nylon or wool.

Get Started Today

With a wide range of patterns and colors to choose from, you’ll have no excuse not to choose berber carpet for your carpet installation in Charlotte NC. Contact the best carpet company today to schedule your free in-home design consultation. We proudly serve Charlotte, Ballantyne and surrounding areas.

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