Red oak hardwood in Charlotte

Nothing says warmth and tradition like red oak hardwood flooring in Charlotte. This domestic wood species is the most popular hardwood installation option not only in homes across Charlotte, but in the nation! Here at Floor Coverings International South Charlotte, our professional hardwood floor refinishing team offers a variety of red oak hardwood styles to meet the unique needs of local homeowners. Read below to learn more about this popular wood species and to find out if it’s the hardwood installation you’ve been looking for.

Red Oak Hardwood Installation

Red oak is part of the greater oak family, which includes white oak. White oak is also a very popular professional hardwood floor refinishing choice, and it offers a different aesthetic appeal than red oak. While white oak presents a subtle grain and modern look, red oak’s distinct grain texture makes it the ideal choice for those seeking a traditional aesthetic with their new hardwood installation. Red oak also naturally has a pinkish hue, which offers warm undertones no matter how you choose to stain it.

Red Oak Hardwood Flooring Charlotte

Red oak sets the standard for durability when it comes to hardwood flooring in Charlotte. This species ranks 1,290 on the Janka hardness scale – a scale that determines the density and durability of wood. Woods that rank higher than red oak are considered to be very durable, while those that rank lower are considered to be soft. With red oak, you can feel confident that your hardwood installation will hold up to regular wear and tear without incurring many dings or scratches.

Red Oak Flooring Charlotte

Hardwood Installation Cost

Since this hardwood flooring in Charlotte is domestically sourced and abundant, it tends to be one of the more affordable hardwood installation choices. Of course, the cost of your red oak hardwood installation will depend on a number of factors. For an especially affordable hardwood floor, our professional hardwood floor refinishing team recommends considering going with reclaimed hardwood or engineered hardwood.

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