white oak hardwood CharlotteOak is one of the most commonly used domestic hardwood flooring in Charlotte NC & in the nation. This group features red oak and white oak, both of which are incredibly popular amongst Charlotte homeowners. White oak, in particular, takes the center stage as a beautiful choice for hardwood flooring in Charlotte NC. Below, our expert hardwood floor refinishing Concord NC teams outline what you can expect if you choose white oak hardwood for your new flooring.

White Oak Hardwood Flooring Company

Oak hardwood flooring in Charlotte NC is characterized by a bold, traditional graining pattern. However, this pattern tends to be more sparse and subtle in white oak. For this reason, white oak offers a more modern look than the traditional hardwood style. Contrary to popular belief, white oak is actually darker than red oak, but it comes in light brown hues as opposed to the pinkish hue that characterizes red oak. White oak’s neutral hue makes it very easy for our flooring company to stain.


Both oak woods are durable and suitable for daily wear and tear, but white oak ranks higher on the Janka hardness scale. This is a scale that denotes the density of various hardwood species. While red oak ranks 1,290 on this scale, white oak ranks 1,360. This makes white oak hardwood flooring in Charlotte NC more resistant to denting.

Our hardwood floor refinishing Concord NC team says white oak is slightly less porous than red oak, which makes it more resistant to water damage. This makes it a better choice for powder rooms and other moisture-prone areas in the home. However, white oak is still prone to water damage and should not be installed in high-moisture areas like the bathroom or basement.

Maintenance Of Hardwood Flooring In Charlotte NCwhite oak flooring Charlotte

Keep your white oak free of scratches by sweeping it on a regular basis. This will remove abrasive grit that could otherwise scratch your hardwood flooring in Charlotte NC. Use wood-friendly cleaners to mop your white oak floors, and avoid using harsh chemicals or vinegar-based homemade cleaning solutions, as these could eat away at the finish. We suggest every 5-7 years, or whenever the finish wears down,  you should contact our hardwood floor refinishing Concord NC team. This will protect them and keep them looking as good as new.

Cost of White Oak Hardwood Flooring in Charlotte NC

Both oak species tend to be relatively affordable, as they are grown and harvested domestically. The price difference between white and red oak varies depending on supply and demand, although the difference for these hardwood floorings in Charlotte NC will often be minimal.

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