Wide Plank Hardwood South CharlotteFlooring trends tend to fluctuate year to year, but with wood flooring in Charlotte NC has stayed consistent for a long time. Wide plank floor installation has remained on the scene for a while now, proving that it’s here to stay. The experts at Floor Coverings International South Charlotte have compiled a guide for all the wide plank wood flooring facts that you need to know when selecting new wood flooring in Charlotte NC.

What is Wide Plank Hardwood?

Wide plank hardwood is defined differently by different flooring manufacturers, but our hardwood floor finishing company generally considers it to be no narrower than 5 inches. There is no difference between wide plank hardwood and any other type of solid hardwood flooring other than the plank size. The wide plank style is available as solid hardwood or engineered wood flooring in Charlotte NC.

Style Advantages of Wide Plank Floor Installation

Of course, wide plank flooring in Charlotte NC is considered popular – but why is this more aesthetically pleasing than narrow planks? For one, a wider plank allows for more unique characteristics to show through your floors. This includes the natural graining and knots that occur in wood.

Additionally, wide plank floor installations tend to make a room feel bigger. This illusion is in part due to the fact that fewer plank seams provide fewer distractions to the eye, making the room seem cleaner and less busy.

Stability of Wide Plank Wood Flooring in Charlotte NC

All hardwood is susceptible to humidity and temperature changes. Such changes can cause the wood to expand or contract. However, these effects tend to be more visible with wider planks, as there is a possibility for cupping or gaps to form between the individual planks. Keep this in mind when choosing areas for wide plank floor installation, and go with a more stable engineered plank in less stable rooms.

Cost of Floor Installation

One advantage of wide plank floor installation is that it will take less time to install. This is simply because our hardwood floor finishing company will need to lay fewer wide planks to fill up your room than they would if you chose narrow planks. Other than that, the installation process will be similar to any other floor installation.

The quality of wood, wood species, and plank width will determine the price of your wood flooring in Charlotte NC. Generally, wider planks tend to cost more. To keep the price down, look for reclaimed or engineered wide plank hardwood.

Get Started With Our Hardwood Floor Finishing Company

Wide plank floor installation has been popular for years and will remain popular for more years to come. Contact Floor Coverings International South Charlotte to schedule a free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you pick the perfect hardwood for your Stow home. We proudly serve Charlotte, Ballantyne and surrounding areas.

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