laminate tile charlotteLaminate hardwood flooring is a popular hardwood alternative, but not many homeowners know that laminate can come in stone-look tiles as well. Here at Floor Coverings International South Charlotte, we enjoy providing expert laminate tile installation in Charlotte NC, and laminate tile that is easily maintained. Many local Charlotte homeowners also find that it’s a great, pet-friendly alternative to real stone tile. Learn more about the laminate tile basics below!

What is Laminate Tile?

Laminate flooring is made of a fiberboard and resin core, a photographic layer, and a protective top layer. These layers are bound together through lamination and come in varying shapes and sizes. Laminate tile in particular is made to mimic the look of natural stone tile.

Laminate Flooring Durability

Laminate flooring is a favorite amongst pet owners and busy families for a reason. The protective top layer on laminate tile is resistant against scratches and dents, making it a durable choice in high-traffic areas, especially for homes with big pets. Laminate flooring is resistant against wear and tear, but is not incredibly long lasting, as it generally needs to be replaced every 30 years or so.

Water Resistancelaminate tile charlotte

Laminate tile flooring is resistant against the occasional spill, but it is not made for moisture-prone rooms. Laminate’s resin core is unlikely to expand or contract from moisture changes, while the top layer prevents small spills from soaking into the surface. However, unlike stone, porcelain, or ceramic tile installation, laminate flooring cannot stand up to a wet bathroom or a broken pipe in the basement.

For long lasting floors, keep your laminate tile out of excessively moist rooms and clean up spills and accidents quickly. While a pet accident or kitchen spill won’t damage your laminate flooring, it’s best to keep it as dry as possible so as not to let moisture seep between the tiles.

Cost and Installation

One of the reasons why laminate flooring is so popular is because it is very affordable. Laminate tile is a great solution for homeowners who want the stone look without the hefty price tag. This is one reason why it is so commonly used in home renovations and remodels.

Our laminate tile installation Charlotte NC team finds it to be a very easy install, especially compared to real tile. Many forms of laminate tiles are interlocking and can even be installed as a floating floor. Unlike stone tile, which requires grout and mortar for installation, laminate tile is quick and easy to install.

Get Started in Charlotte Today

Laminate tile flooring is an affordable, easily maintained, and durable stone-look alternative for any Charlotte homeowner. Call the expert laminate tile installation Charlotte NC team today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you choose the perfect laminate style for your home. We proudly serve Charlotte, Ballantyne and surrounding areas.

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