Here at Floor Coverings International South Charlotte, we believe that there is more to tile than just its aesthetic. Tile provides a durability and water resistance unmatched by any other flooring in Charlotte NC, making it a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens. This lends tile backsplash to being a popular feature in many moisture-prone rooms as well. Read below to learn more about how backsplash tile installation in Charlotte NC can benefit your home!

Tile Backsplash DesignTile Backsplash South Charlotte

Adding tile to your walls is a wonderful way to create contrast, to build coherence, or to simply add a “pop” of color to your home. Our Charlotte NC flooring contractors are experts at placing tile backsplash above countertops in the kitchen or bathroom, allowing one to play with mix-matched patterns and materials. Subway tile, for example, is a common tile pattern that’s popular in kitchens. It contrasts well with almost any style of countertop or flooring in Charlotte NC homes.

Utility of Tile Installation in Charlotte NC

Of course, backsplashes are important for more than just their aesthetics. Since tile is very water resistant and easy to clean, it is a great material to line your kitchen or bathroom walls with. Having our tile installation Charlotte NC team add tile above your countertops will prevent steam or moisture from distorting the wall. Tile is also easy to clean, so any residue or splatters can be quickly wiped away.

Customizing Your Tile BacksplashGlass Tile Backsplash South Charlotte

Choosing the right backsplash for your tile installation in Charlotte NC, can make all the difference in your kitchen or bathroom. Small tiles, like in the case of mosaic backsplashes, can create a subtle or bold look, depending on the material used.

Glass is easily cleaned and its color is customizable, allowing it to be used to create bold mosaics. Natural stone like travertine requires more careful maintenance, but it can be used to create an elegant look. Our Charlotte NC flooring contractors suggest for an affordable and easy-to-clean alternative to natural stone, go with ceramic or porcelain for your tile backsplash.

Get Started With Our Charlotte NC Flooring Contractors

Backsplash tile installation in Charlotte NC can help to protect your walls, especially in moisture-prone rooms in your home. However, this practical-placement can also be a wonderful opportunity for design! Contact Floor Coverings International South Charlotte today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you find the perfect design for your tile installation in Charlotte NC. We proudly serve Charlotte, Ballantyne and surrounding areas.

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